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About Us

Decision Technology, LLC is a systems integration company based in Indianapolis, Indiana that specializes in machine vision, it’s 95% of what we do. Our primary service area is the Midwest, but we also work throughout North America, as well as internationally for certain projects. We design, build and integrate turnkey machine vision solutions. Most systems we develop are ones that require more than one camera (one shipped system included 20 cameras). We also develop systems that implement 3-D triangulation based camera/sensor technology.

Decision Technology is a small, personalized business with over 30 years experience in both the technical and managerial aspects of advanced manufacturing systems that incorporate robotic and machine vision technology. We specialize in helping both end users and larger system integration companies gain a competitive advantage through the planning, integration and use of machine vision technology. Innovative thinking allows us to solve complex problems with an emphasis on simple, cost effective solutions. Solutions cover a wide range of vision applications relating to inspection, quality control and process control that include:

Zipper inspection system
  • Vision Inspection
  • Surface & Web Inspection
  • Vision Based Poka Yoke / Poke Yoke Systems
  • Assembly Build Validation
  • Vision Measurement & Gauging Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Automatic Part Identification
  • Microscope Image Processing
  • Machine Guidance & Motion Control
  • Metrology - Structured light (1-, 2- and 3-Dimensional)
  • Custom Image Recording & Video Recording

Our technical expertise includes integration of Line-scan, 2-D camera (area) and 3-D triangulation-based sensors, as well as laser based measurement and gauging devices. Staff expertise also includes a strong mathematical background critical to high accuracy measurement processing and analysis. Additionally we have extensive expertise in developing and integrating Excel-based information management and statistical process control applications.

A typical system is developed in Visual providing near unlimited processing and communications capability. We cover a wide range of engineering disciplines including systems, electrical, mechanical, controls, software, optics, lighting, pneumatic, robotics, and motion control. Direct data interface to EXCEL is also available, which allows us to deliver turnkey solutions.

Decision Technology maintains a very well-stocked video equipment lab for experimentation and feasibility studies. Through up-front testing, we can generally reduce both project risk and cost.

Bob Rongo is the owner and chief engineer at Decision Technology, LLC. He has worked in the machine vision and robots industry since the late 1970's. His background includes both development of vision and robotic technology as well as its application and use. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University of New York and has five patents to his credit.

Bob's experience includes:

  • Sixteen years at RVSI where he was involved with development of products and software relating to 2-D and 3-D measurement and metrology systems, and robot guidance and process control applications.

  • Eight years at Cybo Robots where he was responsible for development of software and products relating to Next Generation Robot Controller, Man portable robot arm technology, vision sensors for guidance and process control, and knowledge based modeling methods for automatic robot path planning and process control.

  • 13 years plus as owner and chief engineer at Decision Technology.