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Case Studies

Image Recording System

This system was designed and built to record a set of hi-resolution color pictures of each completed unit. The system features 6 cameras with a zoned lighting system.

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A Machine Vision Approach for Tox Joint Inspection

Decision Technology has developed a set of machine vision tools to inspect tox joints. Along with this are several optical configurations based on space constraints and associated accessibility to the joint. These tools along with proper lighting can be used to reliably make a pass/fail judgment in regard to the quality of the punched joint, generally a function of tool condition or alignment.

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Friction Liner Inspection

This is an early generation system used to inspect friction lined clutch rings at a rate close to 1.8 PPS. In addition to the inspection of ring geometry it looked for liner defects including liner concentricity to the ring, scrapes & gouges, cracks, missing material and under/over hang.

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Poka Yoke System Checks Automotive Frame

This system includes 20 cameras to validate the presence/absence and orientation of various fasteners as populated on a frame assembly. The images are processed according to its associated part program for the fasteners within that image. A composite Pass/Fail judgment is formulated and reported via I/O to the line PLC.

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Label Center Checking

It is a known fact that using a camera to measure the centeredness of a stick-on label can be difficult. Typically bottle position and orientation are not very repeatable as they exit the labeler. Here at Decision Technology, a company specializing in machine vision solutions, we have developed a new algorithm that determines a “Goodness of Center” factor which is proportional to how well a label is centered even thru a reasonable amount of positional ambiguity of the bottle.

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Tapered Hole Measurement

It's a fact that measurements cannot be trusted if there is no repeatability behind them. This study was performed for a customer in regard to diameter measurement of a tapered hole. This is a round bar approximately 30 mm in diameter which has a tapered hole bored into each end. We had to call on our many years of expertise in regard to developing a lighting strategy due to the shiny nature of the machined ends and taped sidewalls of the hole.

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Rear End Casting Validation

Decision Technology developed this rear end casting inspection system to check that critical features are present and of the right size. It uses 3 cameras and central processor (Datalogic/PPT) to validate three key features and measurements on a rear end casting.

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Clutch Ring Geometry Validation System

Decision Technology is pleased to announce our newest validation system to service the transmission/clutch core ring industry. This system is based on silhouette processing design and Decision Technology's 10 years plus experience in the development of clutch ring (steel and linered) processing software and hardware. This new design is compatible with both linered and steel parts but is meant for hi-resolution geometry only.

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Clutch Core Inspection System

Decision Technology's clutch core inspection system uses machine vision technology to inspect for major and minor od, major and minor id, liner chips and cracks, and more.

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Non-Contact Measurement and Inspection Tool for Bolt Threads

Decision Technology has developed a machine vision based methodology to inspect various characteristics of threaded components. This application can process 2 to 5 components per second based on measurement requirements, camera resolution and processor.

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Machine Vision System Inspects Transmission Clutch Facings & Friction Rings at a Rate of "3 Per Second" with 100% Accuracy and No Human Labor or Errors

When one of the nation's leading clutch facings manufacturers wanted to improve their inspection process, they relied on Decision Technology to develop an innovative system like the industry had never seen before. Specializing in Vision-Based Inspection and Automation Systems, Decision Technology used its experience to succeed where many had tried and failed.

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Vision Guided Axle Welding

Decision Technology has been a leader in adding machine vision weld torch guidance to axle spindle welders. Our equipment can be retrofitted to most dual torch rotary spindle welders. Each torch would be mounted to one of our servo torch slides and guided by a camera looking at the intersection of the weld wire and root of the weld groove.

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A Machine Vision Approach to Detecting Wrinkles in Leather Car Seats

Unwanted wrinkles are an undesirable blemish associated with the manufacturing process of automotive seats. Decision Technology has developed a machine vision method for inspection and detection of such blemishes.

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A Machine Vision Approach to Checking Upholstered Panels

The truck and auto industry use a wide variety of upholstered panels to trim out vehicle interiors. Decision Technology, LLC has developed a system for a manufacturer of such panels that verifies the as built condition of finished panels. Upon completion of build, the panel is placed on a large inspection table. The barcode is read and the system proceeds to verify that the panel is built in accordance with the build criteria as specified by that bar code.

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Gear Cutting Blade Gauging System (Accuracy better than ± .0001-inches)

Proper meshing of pinions and gears is essential to a long lasting, smooth operating transaxle. As such, gear and pinions must be manufactured to high accuracy imposing tight tolerances on the cutting equipment. Decision Technology has developed an optical system to measure gear cutting blades for a major manufacturer of large transaxle assemblies.

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