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Rear End Casting Validation

Decision Technology developed this rear end casting inspection system to check that critical features are present and of the right size. It uses 3 cameras and central processor (Datalogic/PPT) to validate three key features and measurements on a rear end casting. The casting is placed (manual or robotic) into a floor stand which is set up to position the casting for measurement. The fixture was designed for side load and top side removal. It includes a pusher mechanism to bank the casting into longitudinal position. Once in place, all 3 cameras grab and process their respective images. Measurements include: pin height and width and shape of a critical extension on the casting. Additionally it uses a series of sensors to check for blockage in certain pathways through the casting. The entire measurement process, including final positioning of the casting, takes less that .5 seconds and results in a pass/fail outputs to the line controller. This then tells the Robot (Pick & Place mechanism) to either send the casting on down the line or to place it in a reject area for additional manual inspection. The system was developed to work in a hostile environment typical to a foundry and includes a timer based self-cleaning system to deal with the black dust.

Rear End Casting Validation System