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Datalogic / PPT Products & Software

Decision Technology is an experienced system integrator specializing in custom machine vision solutions. We have over 35 years experience with all aspects of machine vision as related to measurement, inspection, process control and guidance systems. We are proud to announce we have become a channel partner integrator for the Datalogic's PPT Vision product line. The PPT line brings many years of experience in developing machine vision hardware and processing software products. They offer a wide range of cameras, smart cameras and vision processors with a proven track record.

Vision Sensors

Data VS2

Machine vision is now closer than ever to photoelectric sensors thanks to DataVS2 series.


DataVS2 vision sensors feature a built-in illuminator and integrated optics to offer maximum compactness and installation simplicity.

The wide range of controls together with the easy-to-use Graphical User Interface allows the user to solve simple machine vision applications in a quick and effective way.

DataVS2 is available in four versions with different software features:

  • DataVS2 Object Recognition (OBJ)
  • DataVS2 Advanced Object Recognition (AOR)
  • DataVS2 Identification (ID)
  • DataVS2 Professional (PRO)

DataVS2 is the right solution when standard photoelectric sensors are not able to meet application requirements and represents a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to traditional vision systems.


Illustration of DataVS2 in use on spray bottle conveyor belt
  • Wizard based configuration software
  • Versatile PC setup and emulator functionality
  • Ethernet communication capability
  • 360° Pattern Match
  • Barcode and Datamatrix readers
  • Monitoring and tuning available through a remote monitor (VSM) with no PC


  • Logo Check
  • Product / Part presence and orientation
  • Label position
  • Component Counting
  • Data & Lot Code Presence


Photo of T4x in use for pin inspection

The T4x-Series product is a high performance, ruggedized smart camera that can address most single camera inspection needs.

The T4x-Series product incorporates high quality CCD imagers, a class rating of IP67 and the latest in high performance processors. This makes it perfectly suited for the demands of high density pin inspections in the automotive and telecom industries. These connectors require not only verification of pin presence, but also high precision measurements across, potentially, several hundred pins and key feature locations.

Smart Cameras

Datalogic Smart Cameras

A/T Series

The A and T-Series smart camera products are standalone, general-purpose, industrialized machine vision inspection systems that allow for incredible flexibility in programming through the Impact software.

With models ranging from standard VGA resolution up to 5 Megapixels, the A and T-Series smart cameras can deliver the right solution for your general-purpose machine vision needs or specific application inspection requirements.

Illustration of smart camera in use


  • Real time operating system for accurate results
  • Full machine vision capability and programmability - not a configurable sensor
  • Can run headless or provide data to PCs
  • Industrially hardened enclosure - up to IP67 rating
  • Full serial and Ethernet communication capability
  • Built in discrete I/O
  • 90 Degree and in-line camera formats


  • Lot Code Verification
  • Optical Character Recognition (Reading Product Serial Numbers)
  • Precision Repeating Measurements (Measuring Integrated Circuit Contacts)
  • Plastic Molding Short Shot Detection (Carrier Tape Inspection)
  • Pattern Finding (Locating and Identifying Product Orientation)
  • Color Verification and Sorting (Color Cap Inspection)


Photo of M-Series vision processor in use for hypodermic needle inspection

The M-Series vision processor product line up provides you with the most image processing performance in a fully integrated vision system. With multi-core processors, these systems can handle the most demanding high-speed and multi-camera applications, such as hypodermic needle inspection. The needle application shown here requires the system to image and verify needle length, straightness, and epoxy presence from three different cameras, while a fourth camera checks for grinding defects at the end of the needle. This inspection is being performed at seventeen needles per second.

Vision Processors


Vision processors provide the highest performance in image processing with even more flexibility through multi-camera support.

Datalogic vision processors

Connect to multiple camera formats at one time (e.g. area scan, line scan, high resolution, 3 CCD, etc. on same processor) via GigE Vision standards.

Three models allow you to choose the correct level of performance based on your application needs - from economical to high performance.


Illustration of vision processor system
  • Three levels of high-powered image processing capability
  • Seamless integration with standard factory networks and secondary software packages
  • Over 100 different GigE Vision cameras supported, including line scan
  • Use different cameras formats and resolutions on one processor
  • Complete software tool set for ultimate programming flexibility
  • Place cameras a long distance apart
  • No need for a secondary PC to view or retain images and inspection data


  • High-Resolution Image Analysis (LCD Panel Inspection)
  • High-Speed Product Inspection (Web or Continuous Part Inspection)
  • Multi-Camera Inspection (Hypodermic Needle Inspection)
  • Line scan Applications (Automotive or Telecom Connector Inspection)
  • Image Unwrapping (Code Reading on Circular Objects)
  • High-Resolution Color Analysis (Color Matching Inspection)


Photo of A-Series smart camera in use for automotive bearing inspection

The A-Series smart camera provides the perfect balance of size, functionality, and pricing to easily support a multitude of tasks, including the verification of objects within an assembly. In this case, the system assures that all of the bearings are in place regardless of position or actual number found. The result is image and data output to the user interface and, at the same time, signals to a reject device.

Machine Vision Software

Datalogic machine vision software

Impact Software

Impact Software Suite, with over 120 software tools and controls, allows you to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily.

All this can be done without the loss of functionality, like traditional configurable systems, or the need for vast amounts of development time like traditional SDK environments.

One software - countless applications!


  • Graphical icon-based drag and drop user interface - no programming required
  • Easy to understand, tree-view logic flow
  • Tool Setups guide users through step-by-step tool configuration
  • Includes inspection and user interface development programs as well as a runtime user interface
  • Runs on all smart camera and vision processor platforms
  • Provides complete programmatic or manual control of hardware settings
  • Provides real time parameter changes of cameras
  • Controls and displays images and data from multiple smart cameras or vision processors
  • Password protection allows only authorized users to make changes

Vision Program Manager (VPM) Controls:

  • Image Filtering
  • Locating
  • Defect Finding
  • Gauging
  • Data and Communication
  • Code Reading
  • Color

Control Panel Manager (CPM) Controls:

  • Image Control
  • Inspection Result Data
  • Advanced GUI Development Support
  • Communications
  • Security Controls

Food Packaging

DataVS2 in use for food packaging inspection

Thanks to its intuitiveness, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, DataVS2 allows you to develop reliable quality inspections with outstanding Return On Investment. The wide range of controls can easily solve several applications such as presence/absence, part position and orientation as well as label inspection. In the example, DataVS2 detects the presence of the expiration date printed on pizza packages thus guaranteeing the maximum product quality and traceability. Moreover, thanks to the use of VSM, the operator can easily monitor the device behavior and change the running inspection when a product changeover occurs.