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Matrox Components / Platform

Authorized System Integrator

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Decision Technology is an authorized system integrator for the Matrox line of machine vision products, both hardware and software. We develop turn-key Machine Vision applications in both Visual Basic and C++ on the MIL (Matrox Imaging Library) Vision platform.

Custom applications are developed in Visual Basic or C++, and range from a single camera operation to as many as 16 coordinated cameras. A wide range of frame grabber boards that include double buffering capability, allow for development of high speed inspection and process control applications in a PC/Industrial PC environment.

Machine vision camera and Matrox software
Integrated systems developed by Decision Technology on the Matrox MIL platform

A Matrox solution offers flexibility with a wide range of cameras (area, line-scan, mega-pixel, monochrome, color) and camera interfaces (Analog, Digital, Camera-Link, IEEE-1394, …). Such flexibility ensures solutions to meet the most complex of applications at a cost effective price. The flexibility of a PC based system provides a means to integrate with many different camera types as well as:

  • Digital & Analog I/O Control
  • Motion Equipment
  • Custom Operator Interfaces
  • Other Industrial Hardware and Process Equipment
  • Excel based applications for data management

Simpler applications can also be developed using the Matrox Inspector platform.