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Decision Technology, LLC has a history of over 25 years of engineering experience in regard to camera and metrology-type systems. We incorporate the know-how required to make machine vision technology work for our customers. This includes the wide range of disciplines related to vision applications including an excellent mathematics background for when supplemental data processing is required. We provide Vision engineering services to both end users and System Integrators/Machine Builders providing them machine vision expertise, at a reasonable rate.

Additionally we specialize in developing Excel-based data processing and data management systems. Such a platform provides a familiar front-end for system setup and configuration data, calibration data, and collected data.

Decision Technology works with and integrates cameras, lenses and lighting from a wide range of equipment manufacturers. Off the shelf components always take precedence in the solutions we develop. Additionally, we have alliances with manufacturers of ancillary equipment such as, material handling and motion equipment, fixturing, as well as machine shops to ensure a complete solution.

Engineering consulting and training services regarding machine vision systems, technology and software are also available.