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System Integration

As a vision system integration company, it is Decision Technology's job to first understand our customers' requirements and then to develop a cost effective solution based on the best available machine vision technology and products. Our history as a vision system integrator includes a long history of developing custom systems for a wide range of applications, including both off-line laboratory-type devices and systems integrated with production line operations.

The experience of a vision system integrator can provide a cost effective solutions that allows machine vision technology to work for you without incurring a large overhead commitment, and/or learning curve. Our many years of experience as a vision system integrator covers all the disciplines required for a successful solution. Additionally we stay in tune with all the latest products and software of the industry to avoid premature obsolescence and to provide a high degree of maintainability. We also provide the essential training, documentation and support for each system.

Decision Technology develops solutions using a wide range of machine vision technologies and components. Such technologies and components include:

  • Cameras (Area Scan Camera, Line Scan Cameras, Smart Cameras and Color Cameras)

  • Machine Vision Lighting (LED, Laser, Florescent, CDI, DFI, Fiber Optic, etc.)

  • Various Motion Control Platforms

  • Machine Vision Platforms (Matrox, DVT & Others)

  • Programming and Software Platforms (Visual Basic, C++, Smart Camera Programming, C-scripts)

  • Triangulation Sensors

  • Lenses & Filters (Basic, Telecentric, Parfocal, Varifocal, Motorized Zoom, etc.)

We have experience in working with vision systems that require high precision, micron range, measurement and process control systems. Through the use of proper components and statistical processing we can achieve systems with high-resolution, repeatability and accuracy.