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Parts Gauging / Measurement

Vision systems form an excellent building block for high precision measurement and gauging systems. Such systems must be carefully developed in regard to camera, camera type and resolution, lighting, lenses and, in some cases, fixturing and part motion. Many issues play a role in the final outcome for the best resolution, accuracy and repeatability. One issue dealt with is lens distortion. An image will progressively distort as the area of interest moves away from the camera centerline. This is typically dealt with using various calibration techniques. The following system inspects the geometric aspects of steel transmission rings at a rate of 1.2 parts per second. Advancements in our software have allowed us to determine 1.7 PPS is possible.

Decision Technology has a high resolution camera measurement system that measures key points on a cutting blade, measurements to +/- .0001 inches. The final measurements are then feed to a grinding machine that uses this information for re-sharpening the cutting edge. The primary important factor was to keep the blade fixture surface clean. The blade resting on even a human hair makes a huge offset to the measurements.